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Gilman PORG debate, 16 March 2017

23. 3. 2017

Our Idea of an Ideal School


voluntary subjects, lots of fun, great canteen, starting and finishing at the same time, more singing in music lessons, good teachers, neither strict nor lenient, fewer boring activities, more decoration, swimming pool, big gyms, garden, sports every day, good language classes, more technology and computers, free choice of dishes at lunch, more voluntary activities, well educated teachers, longer breaks, using phones permitted during short breaks, just a few compulsory subjects, learning through discussion and thinking, medium sized school, big school, small school, longer classes - 70 minutes, shorter classes more things done outside, more foreign students, chill out zone, learning about other cultures, a big theater, low cost, as many students as teachers, both boys and girls, travelling abroad, less homework 


Life With and Without Music, or the Importance of Music

music makes you think, everyday stuff, no music means more sadness, music opens your eyes, music gives us emotion, brings people together, music is an international language, good topic for communication, music is inspirational, movie without music is boring, preserves cultural ideals, brings relaxation, everyone shoul try to play an instrument, Gilman wouldn't be in Prague without music, makes you think differently 

Life With and Without IT, or Are We Addicted to It?

life would be slower, addiction? partly, it is unhealthy, dependent, but not addicted, addiction yes, but it spreads culture, has pluses and minuses, use it moderately, face to face communication still more important, leads to procrastination, we would be like animals without it, helps with security, life without computer games is hard, accelerates info, more boredom without IT, life without mobile phones is possible