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Tercie Less Advanced

17. 11. 2008

 Introduction Or Rules of the Game.


The core teaching material is Third Edition English File Intermediate. It is aimed at students between levels B1 (PET) and  B2 (First Certificate).


The contents of  Third Edition English File Intermediate are the basis of the curriculum for Tercie  Less Advanced. It does not mean we will be doing everything from the book, just a selection of activities which I find useful.


During the school year you will have to write, if there is enough time, tests after each file, and, if necessary, one more vocabulary test. After each unit you will be required to write a minicompostion. 


Send your compositions by email to rufer@porg.cz

The deadline will be set for each composition. If you fail to meet it, your grade from the composition will be 1.


A very important part of your evaluation is the amount of your enthusiasm during lessons. Learning a language is learning skills. You don't learn any skills when you remain passive. 


Good luck!


Petr Rufer


What Is Going On


A Magazine Article, Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones, p. 120

120 -140 words

Meet the deadline: 5 June, 20.00

Test File Nine

3 June


The only person allowed to speak Czech during lessons is Mr Rufer. 


 Learn to Love English