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English E-zine 4

28. 10. 2011


Dear Sir, Madam,


it is an honor for me to write to you on behalf of Josef K., whom I have known for several years during which time I had the pleasure to profit from our fruitful cooperation at one of Prauge's largest banks.


Throughout my career I have met many civil servants, yet very few have gained my respect and admiration to the extent Mr K. did. His diligence has always inspired me, for it showed me the importance of hard work for improving. Mr K. has always been ambitious and hadn't he been exposed to an unprecedented attack of the authorities he would have sooner rather than later been appointed our bank's official. However, not even this treacherous assault blemished this great man – on the contrary, he gained even more patience, humility and, most importantly, ability to withstand situations far beyond man's control.


In my humble opinion, Josef K. is a man whose professional dispositions are well supported by noble attributes of his character and therefore is more than capable of motivating and inspiring his future students to an eager interest in English and, what is more, in the beautiful world around them. He is blessed with a natural aura of authority and is what all parents crave their offspring's teachers to be – a true role model. All in all, I am convinced that should Josef be appointed as a professor at your school he will be a worthy acquisition to your teaching staff.


Yours faithfully,


Jakub Kurnas




Dear Sir or Madam


I have known John Ruefull for five years, in which we led a scout group together. During this time we needed to overcome many serious problems together and I am convinced John is a highly responsible and reliable person. Furthemore, when it comes to discrepancies, he is open to discussion and tries to hear everyone out, before he suggest a solution. John is outgoing and often comes up with novel ideas, which he is then able to execute.


In addition to his organisational and communicational skills, John is very inquisitive, to be precise, he believes that life is neverending learning. He therefore he keeps up to date with modern teaching methods and varies his lessons in order for them not to become obsolete. As I have mentioned, John is a former scouts leader and had proven that he has understanding for the thoughts and wants of children throughout their adolescence.


Last but not least, John enjoys travelling and meeting new people. He does not only speak English and Spanish fluently, he knows the basics of French and Hungarian and he is moreover able to make himself understood whilst communicating with foreigners of essentially any other country. John has never had any problems whatsoever with getting acquainted with new settings.


I am more than confident John would make a perfect teacher for your school.


Yours faithfully,


Klára Křesťanová




To whom it may concern

Simona Lásková

Simona and I first met in primary school, afterwards we both transferred to PORG, a well renowned high school providing extremely high standards of academic grounding in foreign languages and literature. We have studied together in the same class for the last eight years.
Simona has always been one of the best students in our school and her grades have been exceptional in all subjects. She also won one national competition in English essay writing and three drama contests. She is known for her enthusiasm and ability to work with children, she has experience in tutoring drama lessons for children from primary schools, which I suppose could be a major advantage for her during teaching English at your school abroad.
I regret having to say anything negative about her but I have to inform you that sometimes she has difficulty adapting to new situations, she tends to get distracted, less relaxed and often makes mistakes caused by lack of concentration. However, these states don’t last too long, because she is a very intelligent person.
I hope that you will find Simona Lásková a suitable candidate for the position, because I am certain she is exactly the person society and education needs: hard working and rational, and the opportunity would provide her with priceless experiences.

Yours faithfully,

Štěpánka Pabiánová




Dear Sir or Madam,


I am writing to you on behalf of Ian Kowalski. I have known Ian for approximately five years. He has been a leader in same the English youth summer camp in the Czech Republic, where I also happened to help as a intern at the time.


Even though I no longer participate in the summer camp, we have stayed in almost daily contact, therefore I know Ian not just as a colleague, but I consider him one of my closest friends. He is definitely an outgoing person. He is healthy self-confident, but never bossy, he has no problems to acquaint new people and when in company, he always entertains the others. I much appreciate his responsibility and patience and I admire his conscientiousness and diligence.


During the two years we participated together in the summer camp organisation I also had chance to learn about his remarkable professional qualities. He is an accomplished teacher with wide knowledge of the English language. His pedagogical talent is indisputable, he can make the learning process very entertaining, interesting and effective at the same time. He approaches to the children and youth more as a partner, but he always maintains great respect and authority. Moreover, he is very accurate at estimating level of English of his pupils and adjusting the teaching methods to it and he works therefore without any problems with children in different age groups, ranging from 10 years to 20 years old.


I believe, that Ian is perfectly suitable for the position and I have no hesitation recommending him to your school.


Yours faithfully,




Václav Klíma






Anita Zeidlerová

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing concerning my friend Alyssa Clearwater, who has applied for a job as an English teacher, offered by your school.

I met Alyssa during our high school years in a summer camp, where we both worked as assistants and were helping with afternoon activities for the children. She became very popular especially among teenagers, who were participating in events and sport competitions she organized. She is a brilliant volleyball player and amazing mountain climber, she also likes water sports and in her free time she goes roller skating. She plays guitar and in the summer camps everybody enjoyed singing along with her. She is able to organize a whole day program full of excitement.

Alyssa is very extroverted and she can make even the most boring day unusual and unforgettable with her jokes and ideas. She is also very understanding and empathetic. She can be trusted and the children are not afraid to tell her if some problem occurs, even if it is rather personal, and she does her best to help.

Her close relatives are Americans, so she can speak English fluently. Besides, she has experience with teaching in an organization for disabled people, where she voluntarily helps with foreign languages.  She also used to be a Red Cross member and knows how to give first aid.

In my opinion, Alyssa would be a perfect teacher in many ways, because her creativity, patience and cheerfulness were usually the most appreciated by the children.

Yours sincerely,

Mona Summerfield  or Anita Zeidler






To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you on behalf of Martin Novotný, a candidate for a post of an English teacher abroad. I have had the pleasure to know Martin as my English tutor for four years and hence I can assure you he would be perfectly suitable for the offered position.

 In addition to his qualifications and experience, Martin combines extraordinary interpersonal skills with a commitment to his subject. As to my knowledge, not only is he meticulous and diligent, Martine can also engage students incredibly and, most importantly, he is of an amiable and approachable disposition. Moreover, as a new member of Young English Tutors Union, he has immediate contact with leading teaching authorities in the country and he has therefore gained access to emergent methods in education.

Furthermore, Martin has a considerable experience with youth as a virtue of leading a local free-time club of adolescents from deprived backgrounds. Consequently, he is conscious  of many impediments that may occur in communication with teenagers, besides being able to divert this age group by organizing a wide range of activities varying from sports, adventurous activities and walks in the local area to music, art and event management.

I can strongly recommend Martin Novotný to you and I hope he will be seriously considered for the post.

Yours faithfully,

Iveta Rottová





To whom it may concern,


I am writing to you in order to recommend Tomáš Novák for the job of an English teacher abroad offered by your company.


I have known Tomáš Novák for eight years, as we have studied together at high school. He is a highly ambitious and motivated person, capable of achieving goals which he has been given through an absolute diligence and immaculate time management. Tomáš is recognized for his communicative behaviour and positive character, as well as for the desire to help others. With regards to the job he is applying to, he possesses patience and also excellent leadership skills, both needed for working with youth. 


Experiences which, in my opinion, make him a valuable candidate are education-oriented courses he was attending last year. Thereupon he has been given an opportunity to tutor individually students from a primary school. This has undeniably deepened his both theoretical and practical competencies of teaching. He is also in charge of organizing an annual children holiday camp where he has proved himself many times to be an irreplaceable leader, being able to cooperate with the rest of the team fully.


Concerning the level of English, Tomáš has excelled academically throughout his school career and spent several months at language courses abroad. In addition to his remarkable achievements at school, he has passed the TOEFL exam with an unrivalled score.


Considering all of the points listed above, I unreservedly support his application and recommend him to you.


Yours faithfully,


David Čajčík





Dear Sir or Madam,


as a former employer of Adele Johnson, I am writing in order to present my personal experience with her.


I met Adele ten years ago when she, having successfully finished her university studies, became a  teacher at a language school where I worked as a headmaster. She started with beginners, however as she proved her professionalism various groups of students were entrusted to her and in three years she managed ten teachers as their superior. Another three years was sufficient for her to be offered a chief position in an English department at a prestigious institute of languages for adult learners.


When working with beginning students, Adele showed a great deal of patience and support. On the other hand, she had no difficulty creating an educational environment adequately challenging for the most advanced groups. Willingness to help the students whenever needed and enthusiastic and positive attitude are essential in Adele´s work and highly appreciated. As well as her teaching skills, which can be demonstrated by a high percentage of her students successful at the official English exams. Moreover, she proved her organisational and leading skills by an extraordinaire and effective cooperation with a team of subordinates.


Never have I been confronted with any complaints concerning Adele´s work. On the contrary, I received several complimentary comments, therefore I have no hesitations that she is able to use all of the above mentioned abilities to be an excellent teacher of English abroad and I can fully recommend her.



Yours Faithfully,

Nora Behová




Dear Sir or Madam,

It is my pleasure to recommend Jitka Jirousková as a candidate for English teacher in Malmö. I have known her for seven years and she is the kind of person everyone wants to have as a friend and an employee.

We used to be co-workers so I am familiar with her dedication to work. She always set a great example for all her colleagues and she was mentoring the new ones. Her responsibility, kindness and popularity among children were something we all admired.

            Jitka is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to her. She is happy when she sees a new challenge in teaching and I am sure, that teaching abroad is one of it. I have also no doubts that she will succeed because her English skills are remarkable.

            Teaching is the most important part of Jitka´s life. She keeps thinking about what she could do better or how to make the lessons more entertaining. Moreover, she also invented a system of free time activities in our school so children stay there because they like it, even though they can go home.

For all these reasons I think Jitka Jirousková will make an addition to your school and she has my highest recommendation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write me.


Yours sincerely,


Betty Mufová






Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you on behalf of Petr Kufr, whom I have known for the past eight years. He was present at my school the entire time I was there and I had to rely on him on various occasions.

He has always been interested in and responsive to others and he is well known for his sense of humor at our school, although he knows when to be serious. He is responsible, prepared for every situation and his organizational and leadership skills are remarkable. Apart from being an accomplished teacher, he moderates one of the best English discussion groups I have had the honor to be a part of. He is also engaged in several charity organizations, giving money to those in need. I would say he has a rarely seen talent to get along well with everyone. I do not think I have met anyone who would not find him worthy of the task at hand.

He is, in my humble opinion, a perfect man for the job. His English skills are more than sufficient and he is experienced in teaching students of ages 9-19. During the school events, Petr proved he had extraordinary skills in supervising students and he even saved one from certain death on one occasion. He will definitely prove as an asset to your company.

Yours faithfully,

David Roesel




Dear Sir or Madam,


            I am writing to you on behalf of Amy Williams who has recently applied for a job in your company as an English teacher.

            Amy was born in Newport, England. She is twenty years old and studies at the Cardiff University to become a doctor. I have known Amy since my family moved to Leadworth in 1999 and we soon became quite close friends. Amy has always been an honest and strong-willed person with a great sense of responsibility. She is patient and calm hence teaching would come naturally to her.  She is able to earn respect of others and simultaneously harmonize with them. Amy is very straight-forward when dealing with a difficult situation, nevertheless she would never be rude or even offensive to another person.

            Over the years Amy has dedicated a lot of her spare time volunteering in the Royal Leadworth hospital. In order to qualify as a pediatrician one day she has participated in many after-school events for children – the annual summer camp in Ireland, the celebrations of the children´s day here in Leadworth, an occasional help in a children´s home in Cardiff and many more. She gained multiple experiences working with children, therefore I am confident she would be able not only to entertain them, but also to take care of them even if some unexpected problem occurred.


            I have no hesitation in recommending Amy to your company, I have no doubt she would perform the job proficiently.


            Yours faithfully,

                        Zuzka Voráčková