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1. 1. 2010



PORG Gymnazium

a publication by PORG students

Prague, Czech Republic

Iveta Rottová

PORG etiquette

An article on manners at PORG


Manners at PORG are in general the same as at any other secondary school in the Czech Republic. However, we have a few specifics. Let me start with fashion and outlook – many students seem not to care much about it. Dirty, old clothes or dishevelled hair is considered acceptable at almost all times with the only exception being the A-levels. On the other hand, PORG student are well mannered. Polite behaviour is a sure thing even among the pupils. Swearing is considered acceptable only in certain circumstances such as finding out about a review you totally forgot (which should have beeen handed before the  previous lesson) or a bad mark one day before parents meeting.

Our rules are generally very loose. We can for example leave the school to buy a snack during the breaks. We can also decorate our classrooms as we like – there is not almost any etiquette in this case. Even posters with girls in underwear are allowed.

Manners in personal relationships are somewhere in between. Teachers speak with the students as with adults (the ones in senior years actually are grown ups) but it is acceptable to ask students personal questions as well. It is even possible to ask about their relationships and family during a specific occasion.


Porg Etiquette           by Vadim Petrov

The Porgans are an interesting band of hippies, intellectuals and other strange (and if not strange, then unusual) beings.

Why hippies? Just have a look around. This one listens to rock and ska music, wears brown trunks, a jacket and a red and green scarf. And has long hair. And that one wears basically the same, but listens to rock, ska and d&b music. And there are many more like these.

Then there are intellectuals. This one enjoys chemistry and cannot talk about anything other and that one speaks just about computer encoding.

The other strange beings? There are people who listen to pop. Well, that is usual now, so it seems that it is ok. Then there are metal heads. Evil and black clothed guys? Not always, there are more than could be expected. Me for example. And then there are fantasy fans and role-players, the number of whom is the least, but they have to be counted too.

So, all in all, there are a lot of types of people at Porg. It would be hard to find some common opinion, some etiquette, that would fit all of them, so I think there’s not much of it. As long as the people there are not hard-core hip hoppers I guess.


Etiquette & Matej Malek

I think that the decision to do things, which would be considered as some kind of faux-pas or social misunderstanding, or not to do them, is up to everybody. You can choose what you are doing. You can choose if you will chew a gum when talking to a professor or if you will ask people how much something they are wearing cost.

On the other hand, there are bad habits or neuroses. They are always bad and it is harder to fight with them, because you don’t realize that you are doing them. But if you can control yourself, you can try to control them as well. Those are the things like swearing and putting your hands in your pockets. Those actions you do and you don’t know about it (except when you do them on purpose).

But, if I may return to the question of consideration of faux-pas, there is one problem. How can you know what the people around you will think about your actions?

Well, you can’t. But I found out that older people are often more conservative, so they are disgusted by the things such as kissing in the public, wearing a hat in buildings and so. But be careful! Everybody older than you doesn't bawl you out, just because you have had your hands in your pockets, and not everybody who will bawl you out because of hands in pockets is definitely old…           



Anna Hermannová

PORG Etiquette


PORG is certainly different in many ways compared to other schools. It is a small school with a totally different atmosphere (that’s true, not just a quotation from the school website) and habitats too. PORG students have special personalities and high self-confidence. Lots of them have styles that normal people would consider as madness. The question is who’s a normal person…

But to be concrete I’ll start with the “PORG fashion”. Lots of students are from rich families, so they always wear expensive clothes and it’s obvious at first sight. On the other hand, there is a massive group of people who love alternative styles and always wear batiks and natural accessories. At “normal” schools you wouldn’t ever see so many people in such odd clothes!

Next thing I want to talk about is relationship between a student and a teacher. It tends to be a friendship as far as possible. But still the teacher has quite big authority and the student respects him. The PORG teachers aren’t often angry with the students - or they don’t seem to - at least they don’t often shout at the students. So if they once shout it’s much more storming…

These were just a few examples of PORG specifics. I’m sure I could continue  the list of differences for a long time. PORG is so special!



Manners at PORG    David Čajčík


            Many people would say that PORG is too liberal. If we compare it to some other high schools in Prague, we may find out that drinking water during lessons, leaving classes without a permission, a possibility of using laptops at lessons etc. is usually not as acceptable as it is at PORG.

            On the other hand, these compromises between teachers and students, which certainly do not help teachers to teach better, have their opposite side.

In my opinion, respect among teachers and students at PORG is much much bigger than at many other schools.

            Of course students gossip about teachers, of course they think that teachers gossip about them (and unfortunately nobody knows the truth so this is maybe the biggest mystery in the whole students' life and maybe one of the reasons why they apply to pedagogical universities), but in the large majority of cases they respect each other and pay honour to one another.

            This is the "family atmosphere" which is so commonly quoted from PORG's report. This is maybe the one very thing which makes PORG special (apart from the tea room instead of drinks machines).

            Nevertheless, this doesn't guarantee occasional excesses which may happen and happen, but they are neccesary to keep this school normal. And PORG is a normal school anyway.



Manners and PORG… by Št. Pabiánová


PORG students are totally different from others, but why? I’ve never had to think about that before, but once being forced to do so by a cruel deadline, I have found some examples of what we could describe as “typically PORGovian manners” of which some may be even interesting.

It all starts with our attitude to each other. From prima to maturita we are taught to be a part of a school, not only our class. First you go on a few school trips and then, before you even realize it, you celebrate your birthday with a six years older schoolmate. We all know each other and we trust each other. That’s why only the youngest at our school have their lockers locked. Furthermore, it causes slight changes in our lifestyle, taste in clothes, what we drink and what we talk about. We love going to pubs, not clubs or fashionable bars and cafés as it is common amongst our age group, PORG students love the simplest pubs they can find and spend there every free minute. I must say that to my grandparents it seems perplexing, but it is a PORG tradition.

As to dressing, we try not to be too extravagant, shiny or to wear designer or branded clothing because that wouldn't look intellectual enough. And the last thing clearly indicating that you are standing next to a PORG student? We are used to talking about everything honestly and that can be really embarrassing for others sometimes…

 Yes, we are different. We are a little excluded or it is perhaps the other way round – we exclude ourselves from the general student society. Well, at least we are still human beings…



PORG Etiquette                                                                                                      Zuzka V. (oráčková)


An etiquette on PORG is a quite interesting issue. I would say that in some ways “we” (Porg students) are more formal than in other schools, although the difference is really small. I mean we don’t have to wear a uniform or  formal clothes, but we are expected to dress properly and… well, nice. We have to behave to professors with respect and not to be rude or cranky or anyway similar. And we have to do this other stuff too, like greet them (which for me is absolutely normal now, but at other schools it is different). Another thing which is really different especially from primary schools is that most of the time we are listening to our professors, we don’t mess around, and so we are – maybe- more trusted and we have more responsibilities etc…

But on the other hand, students from PORG are much closer to professors than in other schools. It may be because these trips at the end of the year or… I don’t know, but it seems to me that the atmosphere in school is much better than (from what I heard) somewhere else.



 Anita Zeidlerová


“It is forbidden to drink and eat during the lessons and you all have to ask the teacher if you want to go to the restroom. You mustn’t leave the school building once you came in. The school is opened from 7:45 till 8:00.” That’s what the rules at a primary school looked like. When I came to prima I was really surprised that we were allowed to go out during the breaks. Many teachers didn’t want us to ask for permission to go to the toilette. Then we realized that we can make a cup of tea and drink during the lesson and there were some teachers who didn’t even mind if we ate, but I still find it a little bit impolite to eat during the lessons even if it is allowed. I have to say that there were some teachers who couldn’t stand even a chewing gum, but my opinion is that it’s up to every teacher which rules he or she sets. Although these rules might sound pedantic (as a ban on chewing gums) we have to respect them.

Now we take all these advantages for granted. It might be quite hard to get used to the rules we had had to respect before we came to PORG.



PORG ETIQUETTEK                             lára Křesťanová


PORG is said to be very unique and it probably is in some ways. The manners are certainly one of those essential things that differ us from "ordinary" schools, and they are part of the so well-known Spirit of PORG. It might sound old, but I actually think that small gestures like greeting, holding the door, talking to each other when we meet in the public transport make our school something unusual. However, there are also other things that distinguish PORG students from the rest.   


What I find kind of amusing is how we are proud of our own toleration. During my time at PORG we have had many discussions questioning this quality and I could see that though many people declare how open-minded they are, it is not always true. I am speaking about myself too, of course.


PORG students are also notoriously known as those who often make fun of things that are generally considered far beyond good taste. And there is another bad habit – as our school is a good one, it is somehow considered that we, the students are to be the elite of the nation. We never miss a chance to make jokes about it. But somewhere deep inside us we believe it's true.



Nora Behová


PORG Etiquette


Porg, as an elite school, needs students with good manners. Does it have them? I think so. Talking about the behaviour, there is no problem. In about the second or third class something breaks in boys, they have kind of an illumination that makes the real gentlemen from them and for girls it is suddenly nice and pleasant to be in such a company. The top of all efforts comes with one course of the ballroom dancing, when once a week not only they look human, even better than ordinary humans, but they also try to enchant girls with their dance. In the case of boys at Porg there is no need to worry, we are surrounded by human beings who know how to be polite.


The second thought related to the manners at Porg is about the dress code. The fact that we do not have any official rules of clothing, does not mean this topic is supposed to mean less.

In prima, I came to the place where the ideal taste was the specific style, a hippie of the twenty-first century mixed with an “alternative guy”, all together leading to the very special kind of an intellectual.

As the time went by, there were some hippie times in the younger classes, but … changing this era started slowly with oktava students getting rid of the long hair, continued with single individuals admitting they like branded clothes and care what they have put on and finished, when the most of our lovely boys cut down their not lovely hair. Today, if you look into our school, you see that the school fashion has changed to the modern face.



PORG Etiquette

an article on manners at PORG

Mar   Mir    Bauer

Some students from other schools who don’t know PORG and its students well enough think that we are some weird, special or strange sort of nerds. Generally we aren’t. Anyhow we have some habits which can be divided into two types: official and unoffcial.

The official ones are for example "small graduation" in kvarta, school in the nature with alternating sea, mountains and classic destinations, the opening party in the school garden on the first school day, the Christmas concert on the school stairs, the starting weekend of prima and septima in Běstvina and the school-ending afterparty called “Vodní slavnost”.

We have also some unofficial traditions. Some of them are burning advent wreath in class in the basin, making “Evženka”- type bottles, everyday celebration of headmaster’s nameday and many more.

Clothing and overall appearance of PORG students don’t differ too much from students at other schools.

PORG students have sometimes different opinions on people and their acts than other students. It may be based on the level and type of education.

I don’t know many students at other schools to be able to compare but I think that interclass relationships at PORG are generally better than at other schools.

I hope that we all have the same feeling: we love PORG.




PORG etiquette        JKurnas

            PORG is a small school with warm atmosphere and gentle students and professors. It is one of the most impressive schools in Prague and everything seems to be just as it should be – relationships between us students are good, so is the way we approach our studies at this school. Despite all this, there is one aspect of PORG etiquette that is not to be expected at school that has so much quality: writings on toilet doors.

            It’s a strange thing. These inevitably offensive, dumb and ugly stigmas that from time to time pop up at our WC’s (now when I use a word “our”, I refer to both boys and girls – and their toilets) are perhaps the most inexplicable feature we can see at PORG. Let’s describe what sorts of writing can be found: there are surveys on various subjects, weird competitions and of course some red hot gossip.

            How can we summarize this ugly habit of PORG students? Maybe it is some sort of mutiny against the school board – PORGans  usually behave well, so this might be our way to reveal the rebels inside our souls. Or the PORG student is simply a creature that hates sitting around doing nothing. And the only thing you can do while using a toilet (and you don’t have a newspaper to read) is to write something on the door in front of you.



PORG Etiquette    Václav Klíma


PORG is a specific school. We don't have any school bell, the school starts at  the different time than other schools, we have a different grade system etc. But what's more important and unusual in my opinion, since PORG is so small, we know each other very well. Obviously, you can't know everyone personally, but if you compare it with other schools, it's a big difference.

Now I have named some things that are typical for our educational institution and therefore somehow affecting us students. But is there any PORG etiquette, unwritten rules how we should behave? Can you distinguish PORGans from other people, just by way of their behavior in some particular situation?

Yes, there are some minor things that we have in common like everyone knows everyday is Mr. Přibík's name-day and should write his name on the yellow list or the best place for smoking is (or was) under the Tree, but I wouldn't call any of those examples a manner. So my answer to those questions is no, there is no PORG etiquette, simply because I can't think of anything suggesting it does exist. Maybe I am wrong and someone from outside would have exactly the opposite opinion. But maybe we are just too original people to have some special rules of behavior tying us.