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10. 3. 2010


Oktáva 2010

and their attempts at Character References


not to be taken seriously



Ferdinand the Ant


To Whom it May Concern:


I have known Ferdinand in a variety of capacities for many years. He has been an integral part of my ant hill. Apart from being an extraordinary worker, he is one of the inventive minds of our community and I often consult my management and technical decisions with him.


Ferdinand is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with ants of all ages. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. He is well renowned for his skills in almost any craft and can be very inventive and flexible both in creating his own project and working in a larger group.


An attribute of Ferdinand which is of a generally positive character, yet occasionally causing difficulties, is his galancy and the need to protect damzels in distress. In his rescues of ladybugs, he often behaved without further thought about the rationality of his actions. However, in non-crisis situations his behaviour occurs in an orderly manner.


In summary, I highly recommend Ferdinand for any position or endeavor that he may seek to pursue. He will be a valuable asset for any organization.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me either personally by arranging an audience or by a courier most preferably ant.




Božena, Queen of the Ant Hill Next to the Great Pine




Vojtěch Witzany






Ivan has been employed in the department which I lead for more than four years now and we have established a fairly close relationship. I am convinced that in the course of our common presence in the company I have gained an understanding of his personality and I can appreciate his qualities which have contributed to our success in the field of developing a pig-shaped snow scooter that serves as a GPRS navigation substitute in Siberian tundra.


Ivan has always shown a remarkably open approach to team work which has enabled our working group to pursue the most demanding problems. In addition, even in personal contact with his colleagues he has proved to be a very modest person and only few of us believe his accounts of certain aspects of his youth which he sometimes tries to make comprehensible to us. These show his willingness to criticise his own faults and erradicate them as well as his ability to be grateful to others.

In particular, he never forgets to mention the influence his wife Nastenka on his attitude towards life and he stresses that if he had not met her and her former protector Grandpa the Freeze, who has recently been named honorary president of our company, he would probably still be a selfish person paying no attention to the difficulties of anyone else. Working with him today, I can barely imagine it.


Ivan´s professional performance in his working tasks is not the only think that his colleagues and myself daily appreciate. He has always managed to calm the atmosphere in our team by singing a beautiful song that actually parodizes the egocentric features which he claims to have had himself before his marriage. The only disadvantage of his colourful rich voice is that sometimes the neigbouring company´s staff complain about it, not being able to recognise it´s artistic value.


I fell completely confident in stating that Ivan can be an immense support for any company which he might work in.


Adam Pospíšil




To whomever it may concern


The Little Mole


During all my years as the CEO of BGC (Bohemia Gardening Company) I have never had the pleasure to cooperate with a more dedicated, loyal and efficient worker than the Little Mole. His rapid ascent from the lowly position of a junior gardener to the wuthering heights of financial management seems to speak for itself.


The Little Mole has always been one of our most hard-working employees, never hesitating to stay at work for an extra hour or two whenever necessary. He combines this commendable approach with a positive, optimistic attitude towards his job as well as all the colleagues and the world in general.


His friendliness, natural charm and apparent incapability of anger or malicious intent make him more than adept at handling heated situations. He is very popular and respected among his co-workers. When something goes amiss, he may shed a tear or two, but this only serves to highlight his sensitive and caring nature, so desirable in someone working with plants.


He constantly keeps astonishing his fellow workers with innovative and original ideas, clever solutions to complex problems and the priceless ability to think outside the box. He is capable of finding solutions where nobody else would expect them.


For all these reasons I can say with confidence that the Little Mole is the perfect man to fill the place you are offering.



Oskar Maxa





I have known Jiri Paroubek since he joined the Czech Socialist Party in 1992. During the early stages of his political career, he did not agree with the aggressive politics of Milos Zeman. Instead, he was trying to find a more pleasant, different way to fill in the political vacuum in the furious beginning of the 1990s. Unfortunately, at that time Czech voters were not ready to accept the fact that an alternative existed and politics could be done differently.

            For some a failure serves as an excuse. Jiri, though, does not fall within that sort of people. Despite the fact he did not succeed at first, he took it as a reason to work even harder. He did not agree with his political enemy, Milos Zeman, and even though he was somewhat pushed to the political periphery, he was slowly but steadily making his way back.

            Jiri could be described as a modest, sincere and determined person who never takes anything for granted. But, above all, he has always valued traditional old values, putting an enormous amount of emphasis on the situation elderly people. As a secretary for the development of Prague, his main goal was to make life easier for our senior citizens. This fact became even more obvious when he, as a leader of the Czech Socialist Party, became prime minister of the Czech Republic. From creating more green space for elderly people to walk their dogs to his initiative to motivate TV channels to air more senior-friendly programs, nobody could doubt his good intentions. I strongly recommend him for the position in your travel agency for elderly people.



Michal Matous

Jiri Paroubek’s public relations advisor





Marian Calfa



            My friend and former Czechoslovakian Prime Minister Marian Calfa is definitely suitable for this job. I would say you cannott find a better employer to take care of elderly and disabled people. I have known him since I was born. In November 1989 he showed his ability to care about people and to quickly judge the situation as well as to make compromises. In the next five years he showed his enormous knowledge of free market when he worked as an adviser of former Czech President Vaclav Havel.


His personal qualities are flexibility, honesty and modesty as well. He is an experienced leader and public speaker. His communist history predestined him to be the right person for community service and his “capitalist” history predestined him to be great in organizing team work. His understanding of connections between people makes him a great psychologist. He is able to help people in problematic situations such as retirement, cancer or unemployment. Because he is a lawyer, he is educated in Czech law and this makes him a complex community leader.


Among his other qualities should be mentioned le skills which make him able to find the right compromise in all the situations. He is great in art, too. He can organize art classes for elderly and disabled people. He knows almost everything about human history and history of human culture. Because he can speak Slovak, Czech, German, Russian and English, he can take care of foreign people as well.


In conclusion, he is enthusiastic and open-minded. I would be very happy if you could accept his job application.



Radek Hlaváček




Karel Velebný


Karel is a gifted person focused mostly on music and writing. His skills in various musical genres  had been helpful for Prague cultural life. The level of his passion was fully shown on his long term stay in NY, where he fully integrated himself in musical life and also had proven his flexibility and capability of adapting in a new environment.


During eight years of being a part of my orchestra, he had proven not only his deep interest of music history and theory but also willingness to work hard in order to accomplish his goals, which can be proven by many facts. Such as being almost irreplaceable pillar of every cultural event starting from jazz festivals and ending by musicals and theatre activities.

His interest in writing and journalism resulted in many activities. Among others there should be mentioned writing complex study on jazz harmony and theory called “From dances to concepts”.

His understanding of connections between various branches of arts has been shown in his dissertation work on musical graphic notation.


Karel is a flexible musician, willing to work hard on his skills. His interest in arts in general and ability to combine his knowledge from this field with for example history and neat people skills makes him great part of a creative collective, in the role of a part of the group or creative leader. His academic and creative skills had be proven many times so being a director of London royal orchestra should mean few difficulties for him.


We warmly recommend his application to you.



Jonáš Kucharský



Mirek Dushin I


Dear Miss Kelly,


I have known Mirek Dusin for almost 10 years. We have spent quite a lot of time together as he has been my best friend since I was at the age of ten and I believe that I can say “I know him really thoroughly”. I am aware of the fact that you still hesitate whether to marry him or not and therefore I decided to write to you this letter. To write this letter in order to convince you that he really is the right one.


Mirek is definitely a very smart boy with a bright future considering his attitude to his work and life. I got to know him in a wide range of different activities where I could clearly see how flexible and skillful this man is. Did you know he had written a novel when he was thirteen years old? You have no idea how surprised we were when he actually brought the book into the class. Of course he talked about it twentyfour-seven in advance, but who would have believed him? Imagine thirteen years old boy creating a book three hundred pages long.


I really adored him at those times. And although I had never really intended to confess this to myself, I still adore him. Anyhow I saw a photo of you and I must say you indeed are a wonderful young woman. I urge you to marry him because I know you will make him very happy and believe me, he will make you happy as well. There is no man like him whatsoever.


Jan Hospodka



Mirek Dushin II


To whom it may concern,


I have had the opportunity of having Mirek Dušín as one of my employees for many years. He is and has always been very dedicated to his job, loyal to his co-workers. Likewise, he is a very virtuous and straightforward person and was never afraid to act. All of the mentioned merits make him a proficient person for the position of a NGO administrator.


In my eyes, his most valuable feature is his dedication. Not only is he willing to work extra hours  without any sign of disapproval, but his job really means a lot to him. Based on long discussions with him, I can now, without any hesitation, express my opinion that his job really is his life, which is a quality that is not so common nowadays and makes Mirek a desirable employee.


It is my belief that Mirek would be a great addition to your team, because he would be a great addition to any team. His honest passion can improve the morale in your team and his unconflictful nature and willingness to discuss problems with people would surely be a great addition.


I can't recall any character flaws that would be of large importance. Probably the only one could be that Mirek is a natural leader, whether he wants it or not. This might lead to envy of other of your employees.


I would be happy to provide you with more characteristics, if the forementioned are not enough,




Filip Košťál