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February 2009 

Financial crisis hits PORG as the company cuts hundred jobs

The global economical crisis has hit the Czech multi-concern PORG. The company yesterday announced tens of redundancies and production and budget cuts, which will have the biggest impact on its waste management subsidiary. PORG Odpad will lay off 60 employees at the end of this month and temporarily limit its operation. While the headquarters are situated in village Černousy,  this decision causes a big unemployment problem in the Frýdlant region.

The crisis will also affect PORG's primary basis – educational. 20 teachers and 10 other employees will be fired. According to Daniel Přibík, headmaster of PORG Schools, these restrictions will not hurt clients, neither by increasing tuition fees, nor by reducing the quality of provided education.

Václav Klíma


Foreign Affairs


The last week was really long and very interesting because of visitors from France. On 1.2 students from a lycee in Vannes arrived for a 6 day long stay in their hosts’ families. French students visited some of the most popular places in Prague (such as  Prague Castle or Charles Bridge), went to the museums of Mucha and Kafka or visited Teresin. With the Czechs they went for example to a ball, to a disco or just shopping. On Monday they were with us at school too and they visited some our lessons. The languages spoken were French but English as well. I hope they liked their staying in Prague and we are looking forward to coming to Vannes (Brittany).


Veronika Marková






What has happened at PORG in the last two days? What has happened at PORG in the last two weeks? And in the last two months? Or what would be more, what has happened at PORG in the last two years? We can be sure there are lots of changes which you can find, however, be careful if we are talking about military. In this case things are still the same. The Porgovians haven’t changed their minds at all. Generally, there aren’t many militarists. If there are some, they are normally missed out by the others. You must have heard about orthodoxy political party FMP. FMP’s think that they are important to the people and that people love them, but the opposite is true. Nobody cares about them and if someone did we could be absolutely sure that the person hated them. It is all because people at PORG are pacifists and in lots of cases also kind of hippies. Well, our magazine is really happy about this fact and if we could have a sentence at the end we would say: Keep on going Porgovian pacifists!!!


Wendy Hlásková


Death of the leader of the opposition

Yesterday at nine o’clock pm the body of Mr. Conscience was found lying in his residence with a bullet in his brain. He was a leader of DP (Democracy for Porgovia) which is the last party opposing PFFP. He was well known for his criticism of the Highest chancellor of Porgovia who was the last person visiting him before his death. Unfortunately, he left before the murder, and could not stop the murderer with his gun (similar to the murderous weapon.)

Mr. Holmes and Mr. Poirot were asked to investigate the case. But only a short time after this they disappeared and were found death in an abandoned flat.

“Perhaps they’ve killed each other, when arguing about their theories,” told us the Highest chancellor, before inviting us to smoke with him and his new friend Dr.Watson. He has also shown us his brand new pipe with initials S.H. inscribed.


Jiri Munich





I always thought that PORG was a safe place. But, recently, I was disappointed. Everything started one Friday morning. The delivery truck with ZON lemonade had just arrived but we had a little problem. The money of the school tea room was locked in a case and we didn’t have the key. So we borrowed money in the school office. When our schoolmates arrived at school we asked one of them who had a key to collect the money. But unfortunately he only unlocked the case but he forgot to collect the money. It was three thousand crowns. Next week we found out that the tea room was robbed. It was our fault but still we were really upset about it. And it also caused that we had to stop selling ZON lemonade. Eventually, it wasn’t such a big disaster as it seemed to be because the deliquent probably had felt so guilty that he gave the money back. But we didn’t find out who it was.     


Anna Krajčová, sexta



What we secretly suspected in deepest parts of our minds was now approved by Kvintas best scientists. Playing computer games is healthy and makes your life longer. For the long research which proved this is responsible Mudr. John Milton, new president of JRC, biggest dealer with computer games in the Czech Republic. None can argue with such a brain, so Kvintan former leaders-You know Who- disallowed using computers to their political enemies. Furthermore, the minister of Inner state problems promised to buy one computer for everyone for richer students’ money. Those few, who argued, quickly disappeared in the basement, which is used as prison for political enemies of You know who.


Pavel Fojt Ík



Dear Agony Aunt,


I have one very delicate problem I can’t talk about with anybody I know… I am 17 years old and I haven’t been in love with any girl for all my life. No, I am not gay, not in the typical way. My problem is I love myself. I find myself very attractive, sympathetic and funny. Don’t understand it wrongly, I have friends, I like them and spending time with them, but nobody is as perfect for me as I am, nobody has as many things in common and nobody understands me as well as I do. Although I am in a kind of happy relationship, I feel little bit weird and it makes me sad. Please, help me!



Maxmilián Maximov



My dearest Maxmilián,


I have solved a similar problem years ago. I see what’s going on here. Of course you do understand yourself better than anyone else does, of course you have more in common with yourself than with anybody else. My dear, we all have the perfect partner in our own personality. It is more comfortable than looking for the other person who could be good for you, but you do have to try! You want to have a family, don’t you?

I’ll tell you one secret. When you grow up into my age, you will find out you are not that perfect, you will get bored and annoyed with yourself and you will be very happy for having another person to share your life with. 


So keep your eyes open and try to find someone for you (the gender doesn’t matter).

Good luck!


Your Agony Aunt


Nora Behová


Drive a car when you’re 15?


A few years ago the only way how to get somewhere by yourself when you were 15 was a bike – or a motorcycle, if you were lucky. But now even 15-year-old teenagers are allowed to drive a micro car. Its weight cannot exceed 350 kilograms and the speed limit is 45 km/h. This type of car is imported to the Czech Republic especially from Italy and France and may be driven by anybody with a driving license type AM – anybody, who may drive a motorbike. Lots of people come with objections. Firstly, the micro car is not as safe as it should be and hasn’t any airbags, and secondly, 15-year-old children shouldn’t drive any cars. The only thing that the teenagers by themselves complain of is the price – this little iron-plate darling costs about 300 000 CZK.


Annie Zeidlerová


CRIME                                                                                                                    .


Last week we had an unusual visit at school – French students arrived and they stayed here for a week. The one I am talking about is Helene D. (18). She and a few of her friends went to Literární kavárna Řetězovka for some coffee and about one hour later they went to McDonald at Florenc for some dinner. It was quite late (near 10 o’clock) and when she got her meal, she put her things on a chair and went to a bathroom. Unfortunately, before her friends came to the table, her handbag was already gone. Someone stole it. Helen had almost everything in the bag – a mobile phone, a camera, iPod, money and identity card. So she and French professors (who had arrived just after some of Helen’s friends called them) went to the police, but there was nothing to do, so she just got some “alternative” identity card and went home.


Zuzka V




Aerobic exams


As many of you already know, the younger part of PORG students have to pass  certain limits in each types of sport. This contains for example a long distance running limit or a long jump limit. But last week, Mr. Bukovský and Mrs. Bidláková published a new limit in a very curious discipline – the aerobic performance on a dance floor. The students are supposed to do a special aerobic dance prepared by Mrs. Bidláková.

People say that it was made by Mrs. Bidlakova’s intention and that Mr. Bukovský just quietly agreed, not being able to come up with an objection. 

PORG students are up to organize a demonstration which will express their opinion in the strongest way.


Barbora Hyclová



Arts and culture


On January 14 there was a great event in the club “Krásný ztráty”. A group of six PORG students (Matěj, Dominik, Vojta, Petr, Jakub and Jakub) performed an improvised stage drama. They were divided into two groups and they had to cooperate in their improvisations.  The spectators awarded points to each group. Not to the funnier one but to the one who well coordinated their performance with each other. There was an umpire from Czech improvisation league. If the audience did not like her opinion they could throw a shoe at her. (The shoes were small and soft of course!)

            After the improvised stage play there was some improvised music. Between the songs Jakub, Jakub, Dominik and Matěj read texts which were written by themselves, Matěj´s text was written by Rowan Atkinson.

Monika Kavanová, sexta