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Changes in government


As we know well the Prime Minister John Beechen unmercifully fired three his of Secretaries last week. Yesterday he brought the list of new candidates for these positions!

The Secretary of Culture should be an extraordinary musician Stephen Coaler; lots of people are concerned about that. “He’s mad, he isn’t sane! There will be demonstrations! Surely…” told us one of the Coaler’s opponents.

The people aren’t really satisfied also with the second change – the Secretary of Environment David Toegel should be replaced by Meg Janissary, a former chemistry professor.

Finally Miroslav Littlebull should become the Secretary of Agriculture.


Dominik Herrman




My favorite Czech celebrity is Karel Gott. A famous, successful and talented singer. I would say, if only he was only singing something else than he does.

He was born in 1939, but at the age of 69 is he still active in the scene of art and has established a family a couple years ago (officially for the third time).

He has won the prize for the golden nightingale thirty four times and we’ll see what about this year.

There are many people loving him in our country, but I personally haven’t heard more than ten of his songs and I miss a reason to change it.

He was also very important in communism, because he was making a lot of dollars for our government. He didn’t resist the regime, which is one of the reasons of his success.

           But all I wrote doesn’t mean that I envy him, not at all. I am very happy as I am, I just don’t listen to one singer.

Metoděj Bohuněk



Spring is here and you should be careful about allergies and astma, because of many flowers that produced pollen everywhere.

But what is really good is that fruit is cheaper now and you can eat it for every one of your meals. For your health it is the best thing because you get very many vitamins and no fat.

Many doctors also say that eating ice cream isn’t against diets. Of course, there can be salmonelosa in it but don’t be afraid because ice cream that is packed and that you buy in normal shops has to be ok.

And some small advice at the end. In spring the days are hot and sunny but don’t forget about your skin. You must use creams against UV!!!

Jitka Jir




The new exhibition at GAuČ


There was a vernissage of a new exhibition at GAuČ gallery a few weeks ago. It’s an exhibition of weather-watching projects which were made by every prima at PORG. There are all posters of primas since the present septima’s poster with only one exception of the present sexta’s project. We asked authors of this exhibition what led them to leave out the sexta’s poster. “To tell the truth, the reason isn’t that it is be bad. It’s not there because it’s so well and academically done that it would be a pity to put up it only at GAuČ. PORG is so proud of it that we have already asked the director of the National Museum to exhibit it there”, said Magdalena Janichova, the author of the idea to make this exhibition.

But the idea of this exhibition still looks quite strange. Wasn’t this exhibition placed there only because Jan Bohuslav’s photos had been staying there for too long and nobody had had a better idea what to put at GAuČ? We visited the vernissage of this exhibition which was on Thursday 16th during a big break. Although there were many people, everybody was interested only in the food which the vernissage was accompanied with. Maybe it was a mistake to make a vernissage during a big break because many people came there only to feed themselves and they weren’t interested in the exhibition itself.

Honza Kaczor


The biggest deception of the world

PORG student was found guilty of obtaining money by deception.

A week ago, five black cars drove in front of the school (PORG).  A man in the really expensive suit got out and being followed by a small group of policemen he entered the building. A few minutes later the front door of the school was opened again. The group of policemen came from the building protecting someone in their middle. It was a small boy, probably someone very important, but as it was  made clear later, it was the criminal.

Yesterday morning, CAE made a declaration, in which they explained events of last week. The boy was exactly one of the most intelligent criminals ever. He found a way how to steal money from the biggest and also best protected banks of the world via internet.

His teacher of IT tells us: “I knew that he was really good at it, that he was maybe even better than me, but I wouldn’t ever expect such a terrible thing. I’m really sorry about it… “

In fact, he did something unbelievable. He created a program with unsolvable coding. And this program was via internet sent to every bank of the world. It sends money to his account and immediately it deletes  notes.

He made only one mistake. As his IT teacher told us, he was so excited in open-source projects, that he put the codes on the internet with explaining. Despite, it took another few months to find a connection between the source code and the financial deception.

Maybe, we have found a cause of the world recession…



Ondřej Ticháček

Leisure activities – watching PORG TV


My favorite hobby in my leisure time is watching PORG TV. When I don't know what to do, I watch PORG TV. There are a lot of programmes, which are very popular and which are high-quality. For example Malmonix is one of the best serial stories in the Czech Republic. It's lot better than Pink Garden Surgery or Extremely Fragile Relationships. There are also a lot of reports from school actions or sports meeting. For example from floorball matches where PORG floorball team played. There is also news, but only in French. Advantage of this news are a lot of pieces of gossip, which interested everyone. Unfortunately there are not a lot of episodes of Gejzír. Gejzír is talkshow with popular PORG celebrities. Unfortunately there is only one episode whith Radek Hlaváček. There are also some videos in part Porgoviny, which means short funny movies by PORG students. What is very funny are entrances of Pračka. Pračka is a popupar group of young actors (for example me). On PORG TV there are all of the public entrances of Pračka. There are also Pražské úlety, very funny events in Prague and a lot of advertisements.

Dominik Obruča




At Porg which is known as a peaceful school with pacifist long haired students has been an army prepared. It seems a little bit strange but it has a logical explanation. You don´t have to be afraid that the students are in danger or that they are getting mad (because of the recent peaceful years). It´s only because the “Battle of Five Armies”, which is a game for people older than fifteen, is approaching. . If you are a fan of fantasy, if you are a backer of fighting with swords or with home-made guns, you can join a group of such people. It takes place in Doksy from 29.5 to 31.5. The only requirement before you join this action is that you have to create your own weaponry.

If you are still wondering why there are people at PORG, who´ll join the army, it is likely to be because of lack of understanding.

Jana Havláková


PORG News – Crime

Mafia has got its members on PORG


We have noticed an activity of a few mafiosi here, at PORG. Some of them were students of PORG and some of them were unknown people, whose task was simple: seek and eliminate their victims among other mafiosi (who were  our students).

Hopefully, no murder was accomplished at PORG, because the murderer was each time spotted and the victim had enough time to run away. 

On the other hand, the mafiosi from PORG, here in the role of murderers, were quite efficient. The best of them successfully murdered four victims, who had been destinated to die by boss.

Matěj Málek



Flood in Libeň


        A small river called the Rokytka is in Libeň. But the Rokytka was very much bigger than normally  one day. The water was everywhere in Libeň and PORG was in danger. And at one moment during the lesson the building started floating! Students were a little bit afraid but teachers were calm and explained to the students that floating was ok. Mr. Klaus had invented a special system for dangerous moments a few years before this flood. And one part of this system was prepared for flood. And today (in year 2029) PORG is near the Prague castle because of flood.

Michal Novák



Jumping competition report

As everybody knows, the jumping competition took place in the garden of PORG last Tuesday. Many people took part in it. Many able-bodied athletes – both boys and girls too (all of them  from PORG) had appeared. There were also many onlookers. Typical disciplines such as “broad jump”, “high jump” and “from high jump” took place. This event contained a new discipline: backward-jumping. That afternoon was very eventful and fortunately nobody was hurt.

The Jumping competition ended with results, expected by many experts. M. M. won again. M. M. took the second place. The bronze medal was unfortunately stolen.

Martin Mirbauer




Prague is a wonderful city with a lot of towers. It means you see a tower from anywhere. One of the most important monuments in our town is the Prague Castle. It dwarfs the river called Vltava. The castle arose in 9th century and with breadth (130m) and length (570m) belongs to the largest castles in the world. In the early 14th century King Charles IV built a bridge which is now the oldest one in the Czech Republic .

But what is so interesting about castles and bridges? Every other country has them. Our rarity is called calendar-clock. It shows not only time but a position of planets too. 

Foreigners like going to Petřín. It is a hill in the middle of Prague and on the top of the hill stands a small Eiffel tower. Under Petřín there is a labyrinth which is full of mirrors. The mirrors makes you small, fat, tall, thin and it makes you smile.