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Rules of the Game

17. 11. 2008

Rules of the Game


The English Web Page is here for students of PORG and their parents to provide them with basic information about the English department and its activities through the efficient means of the Internet.

Students and parents are welcome to contribute actively, see below, on the condition it is in English.


Mr Barnes, Mr Lang, Mr Rufer


When you click on these, you will find teachers' personal pages. They will contain teachers' schedules, information about assignments and deadlines as well as brief info about what the groups are doing.

The purpose is

1/ to enable students to be reminded about deadlines and assignments, to reduce the amount of time spent interrogating regarding the reasons for handing in assignments late and, as a result, devote more time to practicing communication.

2/ to enable junior students' parents constant and simple access to what their children are expected to do in case they are absent.




This page gives students tips about online British and US media. The recommendation is based on the level of English in them as judged by my British and American friends and me.

The tabloids are particularly useful to expand your horizons in terms of slang and jargon.

Remember that websites like BBC , TED or CNN contain lots of recorded audio and video materials and make it possible for you to be in contact with native speakers' accent. What is more, you can choose what is to your interest.

I shall be more than happy to obtain your tips about other online sources of "authentic" English.     


Learning Materials


The purpose is to give students opportunities to learn and practise.

Again, I shall be grateful to obtain your tips about other online sources of similar websites, they are endless, you will know them better than me.

I would like to remind you that there are a lot more activities and practice in the school database, your active participation will obviously be appreciated.






It was Ms Cain who started this activity with students from both higher and lower grades. I believe I may express our hearfelt thanks to her. The POST PORG issues she edited and prepared assisted by PORG students are now part of history. Why not learn from history?





This is the part subject to students and their willingness to cooperate. You will find a few examples demonstrating how it could be arranged and organised. Please do not consider it a definite version. My idea is it might be developed into a school English weblog.





This page contains contributions in the form of newspaper articles written by students.  The purpose is to depict a more or less fictitious country called Porgovia.

In order to achieve authenticity of the language I corrected only the mistakes which I thought might result in misunderstanding.





Not really for eggheads, nevertheless, the message is clear, prima students! Well done.

Petr Rufer







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